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Want to see where I work?

I had a grand tidy up today so it's fine to show you where I work. We have guests coming over tomorrow and as the space I work in, which I sometimes grandly refer to as 'my studio', is in fact the dining room I thought I had better tackle the mess.

I used to work in the pokey box bedroom which was great because I could keep it as gloriously messy as I wanted to as nobody was ever allowed up there. Now I have to keep tidy but it is worth is as I love working here next to the big doors out into the garden. The cats are also delighted as they now have a doorman to constantly pander to their pleas to be let in and out, in and out all day long (no cat flap due to my aversion to dead birds being hidden under my bed) which my children will confirm involves me swearing at them quite a lot.

I splashed out on the big Wacom tablet last year and I spend most of my day working on this, the specialist pen means I can 'draw' directly on the screen and it has made my life so much easier. Even my watercolour illustrations need the computer, I use it to tidy up bits that went wrong and to create the image files to be sent off to publishers.

I haven't got it set up yet but just outside the door on the decking stands a lovely little swing chair and as soon as the weather turns warm enough it's where I sit to have a break from work with a cuppa or to eat my lunch. It's my happy place :)



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