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Indoor Easter Egg Hunt - free printables!


Who's up for an indoor Easter Egg Hunt?!
My two boys used to love our Easter Egg Hunts, each year I would have to think of more and more clever hiding places and elaborate clues to get them racing round the house to discover their stash of chocolate eggs.
Sadly now they are teenagers, taller than me and lacking any enthusiasm to carry on fun family traditions with Mum so I am going to have to pass on the job to those of you who still have sweet little children who will be excited to find that the Easter Bunny has been...
To make your life easier I have made these lovely free printable sheets to help you out:
  • You have a choice of sheet one with ready made clues already added (not really difficult clues and even if your little people aren't old enough to read you can read these out)
  • The second sheet is blank for you to add your own clues. When mine where very little I used to draw pictures eg, a shoe or table. Maybe you could print out a few to make the hunt extra long or decide to use a different colour for each child?
  • I made a fancy plain third one too with pretty florals - you could use this for a hunt too or use them as place name settings for your Easter table.

You could hide small eggs with each clue so they collect them on their way (good idea to give them a container to hold them in as they go along) or the clues could simply lead to a final egg stash for them to find.

To download just click on the sheet you want and a new page will open up with the A4 sheet on. 'Right click' on the image (mac owners  Ctrl key when you tap the mouse button or the trackpad) and a pop up box will appear. Select the option 'save as' and save the file to where you want to keep it and then go ahead and print out as many times as you fancy :)
Happy Egg Hunting!
Sheet with clues:
Plain sheet:
Floral plain sheet:  


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