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#SherbetBox launches tomorrow

So here goes, tomorrow I press the launch button and the #SherbetBox Kickstarter campaign goes live - there are a few early bird deals so make sure you go and look! If you want to read more about what the #SherbetBox is all about then pop yourself over here.

I have coincided the #SherbetBox launch with National Stationery Week here in the UK (if I am honest I didn't have a clue until last week and it is a complete coincidence!) so I am hoping it will be a great time to tie that in to generate a bit of interest in my new venture. If I have enough time I plan to jump on the train to go and visit the National Stationery trade show in London but that depends on me getting ahead of myself with some deadlines with illustration work...

I have been doing some character samples for a new publisher I haven't worked with before who are interested in me doing a series of books with them, it's been lovely going back to doing lots of watercolours so here's fingers crossed they like what I sent to them. 

A local event has been keeping me busy too this week, my home town has started running an annual week long art trail showcasing local artists in our High Street shops and businesses and I am in charge of the social media promotion. What with that and trying to do lots promotion for the #SherbetBox I am feeling a tad social media fatigued this week! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Claire x 


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