5 reasons why colouring is going to make you very happy...

The latest edition of the #SherbetBox is about to start dropping onto doormats and I will give away a teeny spoiler by saying there is colouring involved!

Now, many of my customers know me from the card making world where I used to create digital stamps - little images that crafters downloaded to print out and colour and add to their cards and craft projects. These colouring queens have known how much colouring is simply great for the soul for a long time and unless you have been living under a rock you will know in the last couple of years it seems the rest of the world has woken up to it too. With colouring books sitting in the best selling book lists - the grown ups are starting to reclaim the colouring books!

So, here are five rather wonderful reasons why you should think about joining us and discover the joy of colouring...

    1. Colouring is simply good for your mental health, the famous psychologist Carl Jung used give his patients colouring to help them - recognising even back then that it had great therapeutic value. It actually allows your brain to relax and is proven to reduce stress. It focuses the mind, it takes just enough concentration to actually do but is a simple enough task to not cause any stress. The action of colouring actually uses the area of the brain that is usually busily being anxious about stuff - and that equals relaxation!
    2. It is a way to achieve 'mindfulness'. Now if you are anything like me and saw everyone raving about mindfulness, tried it and failed miserably to stop your brain whizzing - well colouring can really get you some of the way there. Focusing on a simple repetitive task along with the rhythm of the pencil moving can let you slip into an almost mediative state.
    3. Many adults just don't have the chance to be creative and have lost the confidence to have a go. Colouring is perfect, there are lines to follow so it isn't too daunting to get going but you can choose to do whatever you want from there on. Mix up the colours, add patterns, colour in a cat green...there are no rules (go on, colour over the lines if you are feeling a bit of a rebel. Dare you.) It is for you to do as you please and most of the joy is in the process of doing it rather than the final result anyway.
    4. It doesn't have to cost the earth to get going, look up colouring in Google images and you will find plenty of free grown up colouring pages to download and print out. Pinch your kids pencils or just invest in a basic set from the supermarket and give it a try. If you get the bug then you can buy some wonderful books (Johanna Basford continues to lead the topseller lists) and buy fancy dancy pencils (which are lovely if you want to step it up a bit and get into blending colours)
    5. Make it a social activity! If you have children then sitting colouring together can be the time for the most wonderful conversations (great way of getting older kids to talk, the lack of eye contact as you busily colour makes it a 'safer' way for them to communicate and you often get much more indepth chats) Join a facebook colouring group, Colouring with Claire is a great one with lots of colouring tips, new product releases and the chance to share your masterpieces!

If you are one of my SherbetBoxers then, as I said, you will have something rather nice in your box in the next couple of days to try out but for everyone I have some images here you can download and try out for free today :)


Happy colouring!!

Claire xx


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