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5 reasons why you should sent some snail mail this week...


I have just posted a card to my best friend, who I am in regular contact with by text, email and of course in person - in fact we just got back from a week away spent together with our families.
It isn't a birthday or a special occasion, I just want to tell her that I loved that holiday, the chance to just hang out with her and that our combined family holidays are always some of my happiest times.
I could have sent her a text or an email, we often communicate this way rather than call - a quick rant about our day or sending a link to a bit of news or a programme we think the other might be interested in.

This was something I really wanted to say properly though and I knew a card arriving via old fashioned post would feel a bit more sincere, just a little more thoughtful than dashing off a message via the internet.


We live in a whizzy mind numbing fast paced world of 24 hour news, social media, facebook, snapchat, texts, emails...oh the ping of another notification interrupting our thoughts constantly and keeping us rushing from one bit of virtual communication to another. So, even if you love it and with communication so wonderfully instant and free, what is the benefit of sometimes send a bit of snail mail?
1) Of course a text or email is just fine most times but it just seems rather impersonal for some things you want to say, a handwritten letter or a card is just more tactile, more real and the message is bound to have much more of an impact. A handwritten note says they matter, they are important to you.
2) Virtual messages are read and then discarded, a card is usually propped up on a windowsill, mantlepiece or a shelf and each time it catches the recipient's eye then they'll remember you and the message you were sending them. It might even become a keepsake, something to treasure if it has particular meaning to the recipient.
3) It's fun and a chance to get creative! I recently sent a card to somebody and doodled all over the envelope before I sent it - they loved it, and last time I popped over I was really happy when I spotted the envelope stuck on their notice board :) Get creative by adding extra bits to your envelope, stickers, washi tape - or a doodle!
4) Who doesn't like to receive happy mail? Most letters that thud onto our doormats are trying to sell us something or trying to ask us to pay for the things we have already bought. Isn't it lovely when for once you get something rather nice in the mail instead? Your happy little bit of snail mail might just make somebody's day...
5) Stationery. You get to buy lots and lots of lovely yummy stationery and justify it by saying it's simply because you are trying to nurture the relationships in your life and so is a COMPLETELY justified expense. It's not for you it's all for them - selfless eh?

Don't wait for a birthday or special occasion, I bet there is someone right now you can think of that would be so touched if they got a letter or a card in the post from you in the next couple of days.

Just a couple of lines to say you were thinking of them, to thank them for something or just to say hello - go on, send some snail mail!

 Claire x


Claire Keay is an illustrator who has spent many years working in the children's picture book industry. With Sherbet Lane she has now branched out into the grown up world to create a truly unique monthly stationery subscription box bearing her cheery illustrations. Each month subscribers get delivery of a box packed with beautiful stationery illustrated by Claire based around a different theme every time. Want to keep up to date with her new illustrations and happy stationery? Just sign up below for the newsletter!


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