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DesignSeeds and Kuler - how to create your colour heaven

Colour is something we don't always think about very deeply but it has the power to change your mood or your perception of something in an instant, the advertising industry knows this and spends much time on the 'psychology of colour' when branding and devising adverts.

image source credit: The Logo Company

Though there is an element truth in the image above, perception of colour is still a rather personal thing and the same colour can mean very different things to people based on their personal experiences and culture (hence my intense dislike of 'bottle' green after being make to wear a hideous A-line skirt in that hue for five long years at my senior school) 

Many ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy which is the use of colours to heal people. They had a belief that colours had powers beyond the aesthetic, it was believed orange could heal the lungs and give energy, red could increase circulation, indigo helped skin problems...if you are into alternative treatments some people still practice chromotherapy today - not convinced myself!

However, I do believe in the power of colour to affect your mood and create different feelings and because of my work I spend a lot of time thinking about and exploring colours and colour combinations. I wanted to share with you two of the places I go to to get a bit of colour inspiration:


Design Seeds

So have you heard of Design Seeds or Kuler before? Let me introduce Design Seeds first, it is a colour inspiration website created by Jessica Colaluca which celebrates the colours found in nature with incredible photography linked to amazing colour palettes. 

Like little paint charts you find in DIY stores but just oh so more beautiful, Jessica creates beautiful colour combinations to inspire your creativity, whether you are an artist, a crafter or want to be inspired to give your room at home a makeover.

Explore by selecting one single colour or the themes section - I love this website!




If you haven't seen Kuler before then get yourself over there right now and play with colour!

Kuler is from Adobe and is completely free to use on desktop or mobile (you can create a free Adobe account if you fancy saving your colour palettes) So simple and clever, you can whizz the little circles around to create your own endless combinations of complimentary colours, click on the camera icon to upload your own photo and you can even create a colour palette from that!


Autumn colours really do it for me - so what colours rock your boat? Why not visit the Design Seeds and Kuler websites and bathe in the colours for a while to find what you really love and then you can create your own personal palettes to start surrounding yourself with :)

Claire xx


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