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Lazy Beach Day!

I rented out a beach hut last weekend and had a pretty much perfect day! 

All in the name of research for the SherbetBox July beach theme you understand - the sacrifices I make for my work ;)

It's been such a long held wish to do this and oh my goodness it didn't disappoint, a BEAUTIFUL hut on Mersea Island - all kitted out with everything we could possibly need.

We rented Peggy from the Little Beach Hut Company, it cost £70 for the day and I had my fingers crossed as you always take a chance booking ahead with the UK weather but we struck lucky on Saturday with plenty of sunshine! The owner was super friendly - popping down to meet us and check we had everything we needed as we arrived. 

It was in a great position on the beach, not far from the Two Sugars Cafe which had THE best homemade cakes - delicious. The sun was shining but not many people had come out so we pretty much had the beach to ourselves most of the day.

The beach hut was beautifully decorated, had plenty of deck chairs, rugs, beach toys, board games, cups, plates and cutlery, windbreaks...they really had thought of everything. It even had a gas hob to let us boil the cute whistling kettle to make endless cups of tea - heaven.

So a lazy day was had, hanging out with friends, playing games of chess and cricket, drink tea and eating cakes, lazing in the sunshine and then finished off with some lovely fish and chips before we packed up to come home.

Now I'm sitting here in my back in my studio illustrating the stationery today for the next SherbetBox, the theme for July is the beach...being inspired by our day spent  over on Mersea Island :)


Claire xxx

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Claire Keay is an illustrator who has spent many years working in the children's picture book industry. With Sherbet Lane she has now branched out into the grown up world to create a truly unique monthly stationery subscription box bearing her cheery illustrations. Each month subscribers get delivery of a box packed with beautiful stationery illustrated by Claire based around a different theme every time. Want to keep up to date with her new illustrations and happy stationery? Just sign up below for the newsletter!


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