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National Stationery Week - Bullet Journal Love

To celebrate National Stationery Week I want to tell you about my new love...


I always adored stationery and now how I adore a bullet journal, settle me down in a corner with a new dot grid hard backed notebook and I'm a very happy woman...

It's not always been that way, for a long time I embraced all the new technology that came along and kept a digital diary and used a number of list apps on my mobile phone to keep me organised. As wonderful as all the technology I had at my fingertips was, I never could quite get myself organised and put it down to me having the typical artist 'messy' brain. 

Then I discovered the bullet journal and to say it has changed my life sounds a bit dramatic but it kind of has, my goodness I am suddenly an organised woman at last after all these years. 

Now some people's journals are little works of art and have become a hobby in their own right, the beautiful designs and page layouts you can see posted online are simply amazing, you can seriously go to town with doodles, stickers, washi tape, fancy collection layouts. My bullet journal is more functional, it has the odd doodle here and there and a dash of a highlighter there but that is pretty much it. 


I always ran with a bit of anxiety in the background that I had forgotten to do something or that I wasn't going to be able to juggle my to do list and meet my work deadlines. Now have days, weeks and months properly mapped out with room to plan my days and my work out in more detail. I end each work day by planning out the next and then can walk away from my desk not having the mental must do list cluttering up my brain.

I am a terrible procrastinator, I am also very easily distracted into a pinterest/instagram/shiny new ideas worm hole that can easily derail a day's work. Now I write out all that I need to do that day, there are sections in the day to check emails, time to check or post to social media, time to research, time to illustrate etc. Then I stick to my guns the next day and just follow the bullet journals plan. I am getting SO much more work done, I feel much calmer about all my deadlines.

It's just something about setting it all out visually on the page, physically writing it all down is satisfying and orders my brain. Teachers always tell their students to hand write study notes out in simplified forms, putting it into bullet points and lists as it settles better in your memory taking pen to paper.

I am such a convert, I can bore you senseless about the joys of a bullet journal!

Claire xx

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For those of you who do fancy decorating your bullet journals I have a step by step doodle PDF guide you can download and print out to practice!

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