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#SherbetBox 'Summer Garden' theme



The #SherbetBox is on it's way, I dropped them all off at the post office yesterday - ah, it was a long weekend packing them all and double checking all the orders!

So while I wait for them to arrive I just thought I would let you know why I chose the 'Summer Garden' as my first box theme. I really, really love my garden, it may not be very big but it is a wonderful ever changing view from the desk where I work each day. From here I watch the seasons turn and plants come to life each year, often watching the plants I have lovingly bought and tended wither and die from my sad lack of green fingers and our greedy little slugs residents...


I have a teeny pond which somehow has acquired a frog, he scares the life out of me by suddenly leaping out of the undergrowth when I am in that corner and has so far managed to avoid my cats despite their constant attempts to capture him. I also have a made a little fairy garden pot thing as I am obsessed with miniature villages and this may just be the start of mine...


It's not really that peaceful, the A127 thunders past not far away out of sight behind the trees but at a constant rumble. I am lucky not to be overlooked though, behind my back fence is a quiet park so if I squint it feels like I have a huge garden! When my boys were younger it was nice to have the space for them to get out and play a proper game of football just outside the back gate.



This is my haven, I am at my most relaxed on a warm day pottering around out here or sitting on my swing chair in the autumn with a cuppa and my cardi on doing absolutely nothing. It reminds me that whatever seems the problem that day that the world still keeps on turning, the seasons come and go and just to slow down and smell the roses (I haven't actually got roses but I do have night scented stock which smells lush and shhh...might just feature in this #SherbetBox)

So when I asked on the #SherbetBox Facebook group for ideas for box themes and many suggested flowers, summer and gardens then 'Summer Garden' was easily settled - I'll show you the contents of the box in a few days when they have arrived so as not to spoil the surprise!

Claire xx

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