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Craft ninjas strike again...


When I was on holiday this year with a crochet loving friend I was on a mission for her to teach me how to do it - so I bought some crochet hooks, wool, a 'how to' book and studied her very closely as she worked. I just got tied in knots all week, muttered and swore quite a lot and though I produced a small okish square of stitches in the end...I haven't picked up the hook or wool since I got home. Maybe I just give up too quick or maybe it wasn't the craft for me but it has left me in awe of the creations of a local group called The Craft Club Yarnbombers. 

This week they crept out at night once again, like little craft ninjas, and installed their work in some streets near them. Their signature seems to be postbox artworks, creating little knitted and crochet scenes like the one below. They always make you stop and smile, people are snapping away pictures, kids are so delighted to find the little characters and the local press often feature them when they appear like magic overnight. The theme of their latest craft bomb is based on Roald Dahl Day - celebrating that the great storyteller was born 100 years ago. From 'James and the Giant Peach' to 'Matilda' and then 'Esio Trot' - love them!

What a brilliant idea. Bringing colour, craft, creativity and a smile to people just for the sheer fun of it - I love these ladies. It is actually a world wide movement, there are yarnbombers not only across the UK but also in many other countries - check out my Pinterest board featuring some more of the amazing creativity.

craft club yarnbomb

If you are inspired to get crafty yourself and live locally then The Craft Club Yarnbombers run regular craft sessions (follow them on Facebook to find out new sessions - book early as places go fast) or if not check out your local area, craft and knitting clubs are springing up everywhere as there seems to be a new craft revolution on the way!

Claire x

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