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SherbetBox Club - rolling subscription


Fancy a surprise monthly box of gorgeous stationery arriving in your post each month? Here's how...

  • The SherbetBox Club costs £14 a month when you subscribe, postage is free in the UK and rest of the world is only £4.95. The value of the box contents always exceeds what you pay and almost all of the contents are exclusive to the SherbetBox.
  • You are in complete control of your subscription, pause, skip a month or cancel any time you wish. You will be prompted to open an account after checkout and emailed with the details on how to use your customer account area to control your subscription.
  • Join our SherbetBox Club facebook group for lots of stationery chat, giveaways and help choose new box themes! Everyone welcome whether you subscribe or not :)

Here's how it works:

  • 1st of the month - new SherbetBox theme announced
  • 7th of the month - you don't need to do a thing, your payment will be taken on this day, sales for that edition of the SherbetBox are closed.
  • around 23rd of the month - the SherbetBox is sent out to you in the post.
  • this continues each month unless you decide to pause or cancel your subscription.

If you order now you will receive the JANUARY box as your first one.

Ok this next bit might sound a bit complicated but bear with me!

When you first sign up, you make your first payment and if you have done this before the 7th then you will get that month's box - if it is after the 7th the payment will be held towards next months box. From then on you will always be billed on the 7th.

So for example, if you sign up on 8th September, you will not get the box for September as it is past the cut off date, that payment is used against the October box and you will be next billed on November 7th for the November box, December 7th for the December box...and so on.

Just add this item to the shopping cart and check out as you would with any other item, the checkout will be very similar but you are joining the SherbetBox Club and setting up a recurring monthly payment.

As mentioned above you can manage the subscription by opening an account on this website but if you are having any problems, want to cancel or have a question just send me a message and I will sort it all out for you pronto!

Claire x

Here are some videos of previous boxes to get a feel for what you might be getting!




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