Cabin Workshop Information

Thank you for thinking about booking a workshop with me - I LOVE to share this craft with other people!

Where are the Workshops Held?

The in person workshops are held at my cabin at:

View Garden Centre, Chelmsford Rd, Rawreth, Wickford SS11 8SJ

The cabin is in the craft village towards the back of the garden centre as shown here:

There are toilets very close by to the cabin.

Access to the cabin mostly level from the car park but there is via a small step as you approach the cabin, please get in touch if you have any access concerns.

What do I need to bring?

You don't need to bring anything with you, all materials and tools are supplied. I have tea, coffee or hot chocolate here for you but you are welcome to bring your own drinks or snack!

I'm a complete beginner so a bit nervous...

Don't worry, I break down all the workshops into stages and as we only ever have groups of 4 to 6 in the cabin I can give you lots of help and assistance!

Almost all the workshops are beginner friendly (I'll state if they are a little trickier) and you'll be delighted with what you can make on your very first go!

Cancellation Policy

I know sometimes life gets in the way of best laid plans! If you are unable to get to a workshop you have booked:

  • Cancel 7 days before the workshop and you will get a full refund
  • Cancel within 7 days and I will do my best to fill your place so I can give you a full refund. If I am unable to fill your spot you will get a refund minus a £10 studio fee.


Children’s Workshops

These are for children aged 10 plus, we will be working with sharp needles and I expect this age upwards to be able to be safe handling know your child best though!

It is not uncommon to occasionally stab a finger lightly, it will not do much harm but can make you jump and draw a little pin prick of blood.

Finger guards can be provided if children are a little unsure.

You will leave your children with me and you do not have to stay on site (you may choose to though, lovely cafe, farm shop, craft shops and garden centre to explore!)

I will be asking for your mobile number after you have booked and I ask that you are available to be contacted by phone during the workshop.

We are situated very close to the toilets, I will not be able to leave the cabin to escort your child to the toilet but they will be within my view if they need to walk over to use the facilities.

Please make sure you give me full details of any additional needs, medical conditions or allergies I need to be made aware of to be able to care for your child.

Children are welcome to brink a drink and snack if they wish.